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5 self-care ideas to improve your period

how to improve your period with self-care

Day one of your period rolls around...

Everything feels uncomfortable.

You feel hot, sweaty and yet all you want to do is lie wrapped in the biggest blanket you can find.

You crave everything!  Ice-cream for breakfast? Sure!

Your clothes don’t feel quite right and your skin is acting up.

You tear up at the drop of a hat.

We’ve all been there.

Self-care is important all month long but it is often most impactful during your period when your mind and body can need it the most.

There are so many self-care tips out there but we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourites. Have a read through and see which ideas resonate most with you.


Best foods to eat during your period

Nourish Yourself 

So yes, while ice-cream, chocolate and carbs are essential food groups during your period, it is important to interlace these with some food and supplements that can actually make your body feel good.

During this stage of your cycle, your body needs nourishment with extra doses of iron, protein and healthy fats. Some foods to try and include in your diet are;


  • Eggs: Not just an eggcellent brunch staple but also a great source of healthy omega 3 fats, iron and protein.
  • Bananas: Suffer from cramping? Bananas can be a natural solution due to their naturally high levels of magnesium- a natural muscle relaxer!
  • Citrus fruits: When life gives you lemons, EAT them! Citrus fruits can help alleviate mood swings and bloating and if you experience nausea during your period, a little lemon juice in warm water can work wonders. 
  • Leafy green veg: Your iron levels can drop during your period. Loading up on a variation of leafy green goodness such as kale and spinach can help keep your levels where they should be.


In addition to a healthy balanced diet, your body can also need a little extra support through supplementation to ensure it is getting adequate levels of the right minerals, vitamins and nutrients during your period.

Our product, Triumph is a monthly cycle supplement, specifically formulated around the 3 phases of your menstrual cycle and gives your body exactly what it needs at each of those phases.


How to sleep better during your period

Sleep Well 

So, you’ve been dealing with your period all day long. 

You are exhausted. 

Yet, once your head hits the pillow, your body refuses to let you sleep!


If you are nodding along in recognition right now, you are not alone. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30% of women experience disrupted sleep during their period.

 A rise in body temperature, nausea and cramping experienced during our periods can make it difficult for our bodies to unwind at night. Ironically, lack of sleep can lower our pain threshold, and make these symptoms feel much worse the next day. It’s a vicious cycle. 

 Implementing a relaxing nighttime routine during your period can help prepare and train your body for sleep. 

Trick your body into feeling “sleepy” with a warm bath or shower before bed and introduce some mind relaxation techniques such as meditation to help you unwind.

Best ways to pamper yourself during your period

Indulge in Extra Body Love 

"Ugh, is that ANOTHER spot?!”

“Can I just stay in my PJs today? I feel too bloated for clothes!”

“Ahhh, why won’t my hair just cooperate?!”


How many of us find ourselves standing in front of the mirror each month uttering these exact things to ourselves?

During this stage of our cycles, we can feel our most uncomfortable and least confident but periods are tough enough without adding negative, self-loathing comments to the mix. 

Whether it’s a relaxing soak in the tub to help soothe cramps or a cleansing face mask to help treat your PMS-y skin, make sure to be kind to yourself and your body.

Best exercise to help with period symptoms

Exercise Gently

Often during our period, we have an urge to go into hibernation mode, close up shop and aim to just “get through it” with copious amounts of couch and blanket time. 

When you are feeling bloated and crampy the last thing you feel like doing is getting your sweat on but hear us out! 

Light strengthening exercises or low-intensity cardio can actually help decrease your period symptoms! Not convinced? Here are just 3 benefits of exercising during your period:

  1. Sweat released during exercise causes excess water to leave your body, resulting in a decrease in bloating. 
  2. Exercise is a great way to help with mood swings as it actually boosts the “Wooh, I feel happy!” hormones in your brain through the release of endorphins and serotonin.
  3. Beta-endorphins, which are naturally produced pain relievers, are released in our bodies during exercise. They can help ease cramping as they actually help burn chemicals in the body that cause muscle tension or contractions.

All this said, if you’re really just not feeling it, don’t beat yourself up. Even just getting outside for a gentle short stroll can get your blood flowing and boost your mood.

How stress impacts your period

… And Breathe

These days, we are surrounded by information on stress and ways to reduce it. We are more aware than ever on its negative impact on our health, but did you know that stress can also have an impact on your cycle?

 Stress affects the part of the brain that is responsible for producing hormones. High-stress levels can throw hormonal levels out of whack, leading to changes in the frequency and duration of our periods.

 If you suffer from severe stress or anxiety, we suggest consulting with a doctor or therapist however there are a few techniques that can be easily introduced into your daily routine that can help. 

Without going all “Oprah” on you, allocating just a few moments each day to practise gratitude has been shown to have a wonderful impact on your mood and stress levels. 

To get started, keep a gratitude journal by jotting down just 3 things you are grateful for that day or try out a free gratitude app such as  Reflectly, ThinkUp or Happify


So where do I start?

Self-care is a broad term and as we have shown can encompass a wide range of activities and practices. The meaning of self-care can vary from person to person and there really is no “one size fits all” solution or “right way” to do it.

Let us know in the comments what self-care means to you or what self-care tips you practise during your period.



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