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How To Navigate Self-Care & Prioritise Yourself During Motherhood

Selfcare tips for mums



Let’s be real, motherhood can be a wild dance of epic proportions!

From newborns, teething toddlers to moody teenagers, motherhood is full of endless demands, rewards, sacrifices, sleepless nights, countless interruptions and of course, many many beautiful moments. 

As a mother, we have a mile-long to-do list and by default, we often end up putting ourselves at the bottom of this list. 

...And sometimes, we don’t even make the list at all! 

The idea of being a “superwoman” who juggles housework, parenting, careers and relationships can take a serious toll on our wellness. Skipping meals, allowing ourselves to get by on minimum sleep and not taking care of our health doesn’t make us martyrs, in fact over time it can be counterproductive and lead to some pretty serious physical and mental problems.



Self Care Tips for Motherhood


The Real Consequences of Not Taking Care of Ourselves 

According to research conducted by the HSE, over 200,000 Irish women experience distress as a result of pregnancy or parenting every single year and a further 10,000 experience mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety, including fatigue and uncontrollable worries. 


Often lack of awareness about what is and isn’t “normal” means that sometimes these issues go undiagnosed. 


While there are many resources to help women transition into motherhood, there is very little focus on the importance of self-care. Self-care in during motherhood can come in many forms, ranging from doing small things for yourself to seeking the support of family and friends to asking for help from health professionals.


Self Care Tips for Mums


Why Self-Care is a Necessity and NOT a Luxury!

Self-care has definitely been the buzzword over the past couple of years with many people becoming sceptical of its’ power.  Some common doubts surrounding self-care include;


  • "A bubble bath and manicure isn’t going to solve my burnout"
  • "Self-care is selfish, my children must come first"
  • "My mind is so crowded with the mental load of everything, it’s hard to even remember the idea of self-care!"


While these doubts are all valid, it's important to understand what self-care is and what it’s not. 

True self-care is not a quick fix, it is a practice and a commitment we make to ourselves so that we can continue to be and feel our best each day.

For mothers specifically, self-care can mean having a “toolkit” for daily living rather than a “break glass in case of emergency” escape plan. 

It can mean engaging in sustainable and manageable practices that promote well-being and allow us to get through the overwhelm created by the day to day work of parenting. 

Self-care can help make time for silence that then helps sustain us during those crazy busy noisy moments where the kids are running amok. 


Ultimately, self-care can be the life vest that keeps us afloat and should be non-negotiable.



Self Care tips for new mothers

 How To Put Yourself Back On The List 


‘What’s good for mum, is good for the baby’


Mothers hear this often from the moment they become pregnant but how often do we take the time to really think about what’s best for us?

 In order to be the best mum you can be, you must first feel good and take care of yourself.  The great news here is that by taking actions towards looking after yourself, it allows you to share more of who you are with those you love. 

 Self-care is not “one-size-fits-all” and can often mean something different to each person, however, we have put together a small list of areas to consider when assembling your Mum Self-care Toolkit.



Self Care Tips for Mums


Stay Connected To Yourself 

If you don’t actually make space for your self-care, it isn’t going to happen. Start small by penning in just 15 minutes a day just for you. 

Ask yourself, aside from my kids, what else brings me joy? 

Make a list of 10 things that you love doing or perhaps 10 new things you would like to try out. 

Keep this list top of mind by placing it somewhere obvious like on your fridge. Utilise stolen pockets of time each day to work towards implementing these things back into your life. 


How to stay sociable as a mother


Stay Connected To Others 

It’s common that when babies are introduced, extended family members, friends and sometimes even partners tend to take a back seat.

Motherhood can feel lonely and isolating, so having a sense of community and friendship is more important than ever.

Signing up to a parent group or meet-up, making time for a regular phone call with a friend or scheduling date nights with your partner are all great ways to help maintain a healthy motherhood/ social life balance.


How to stay healthy as a new mother


Stay Connected To Your Health 

Getting enough sleep, adding exercise to your routine and feeding your body with nutrient-rich foods is essential when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

Supplements are also a great way to support your body and fill any nutritional gaps that your diet might be lacking. 

At Vitropics, we designed our monthly cycle supplement, Triumph with mums in mind. 

As fellow busy mothers, we understand the importance of good health and the value of finding a supplement that can do it all.


Best supplements for mums

Triumph’s unique blend of vitamins, minerals and herbals provides your body with what it needs when it needs it. 


Taken daily, it supports your energy levels, immune system, hormonal activity, cognitive function, heart health as well as your hair, skin and nails, leaving you feeling your best to take on whatever the day throws at you! 




Learn more about Triumph and how it could become part of your mum self-care routine here




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