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Your Menstrual Cycle: Phases of Your Cycle

Your Menstrual Cycle: Phases of Your Cycle

Menstruation is a woman’s monthly bleeding, often called your period. When you menstruate, your body discards the monthly buildup of the lining...

Let's Talk About: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Dubbed the “evil twin” of PMS, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a largely understudied and misunderstood condition affecting approximately 5% of the menstruating population today. 

Just like with other mental health disorders, the good news is that there is help and hope out there for the women who are impacted. 

While there is no“one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to managing PMDD, there are ways to help manage or alleviate some of the symptoms through lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise & supplements and via seeking help from professionals and those around you.


8 Common Menstruation Myths; Busted!

Period myths, we’ve heard them all!

From getting attacked by sharks to passing out from blood loss, having a period means, unfortunately, we are still privy to many an old wives’ tale.

With so much information out there, it can be difficult to sieve out the facts amongst the fiction, that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you!


How Periods Could Be Making A Bloody Mess Of Your Mental Health

To mark this year’s World Mental Health Day, we thought we would open up the conversation, challenge the stigma and try to make sense of that messy relationship between our menstrual cycle and our mental health. 


Skin vs. Menstrual Cycle: A Modern Day Tale of Fear, Loathing & Hormones

Within a 28-day cycle our complexion can change drastically; from crystal clear one minute to breakouts the next, super dry and flaky to oily and shiny. We just can’t win.

However, by understanding your hormones and how they change throughout your cycle, you can use this knowledge to build a skincare plan to achieve glowing skin on a 365-day loop!


Plastic-Free Periods; Navigating Sanitary Care in 2019

It has been reported that over 27,931 used tampons and applicators are found on beaches around the world daily! With staggering figures like these, it may be time we approach the products we use during our menstrual cycle in a different, more sustainable way.

5 self-care ideas to improve your period

Self-care is important all month long but it is often most impactful during your period when your mind and body can need it the most. 

There are so many self-care tips out there but we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourites that can help improve your period. 


How Your Hormones Are Affecting You At Every Phase Of Your Cycle

Hormones affect everything- your energy levels, your mood and even your skin. By understanding your monthly cycle and how your hormones affect you at each phase of your menstrual cycle, you can live your best life every day!

Why We Need To Start Acknowledging + Accepting That Hormones Are *EVERYTHING* BY IRISH TATLER

Our hormones can be responsible for our general health, mood, focus, energy levels and sex drive – so knowing what you’re dealing with is the first step to getting to grips with them. In this blog we'll walk you through the key hormones to be aware of, the nutrients needed during your cycle and also how Triumph monthly cycle is designed to be your ultimate multivitamin, formulated around the menstrual cycle.