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Coffee and hormones: Here's how coffee really affects your health.

Coffee flushes magnesium and other nutrients and minerals that are vital for happy hormones, such as B vitamins from your system.

Period pain cramping your style? Try these 10 natural home remedies!

Periods are not easy and unfortunately, so many of us suffer from symptoms ranging from period cramps to menstrual migraines, in silence each month. 

The good news is that there are numerous natural remedies out there that can help make your period more “It’s a Wonderful Life” than “The Exorcist”- y’know, just like those annoying tampon ads say we’re supposed to feel...


How Long Will it Take For My Supplement to Start Working?

Supplements can do amazing things for our health and wellbeing IF we remember to take them every day. If we don’t take them consistently, then we might not see the benefits they can have. Here is why. 

Feeling Stressed? This Fuss-Free Morning Routine Will Help Restore Some Calm

How we start our day is important. It sets the tone for what’s to follow.

A good morning routine can positively influence your attitude, energy level, and performance throughout the day. Which is why it can be important to invest time into getting it right. 

To help restore some calm to your day, we’ve put together a step by step list of things that can be used to build a fuss-free morning routine.


10 Ways To Celebrate And Elevate Other Women Every Day!

Alone we have power but there is a bigger impact in collective action and in community. Today, women are more revved up and connected to each other than ever before and that is pretty exciting!

Below are 10 ways we can all actively support fellow women on a daily basis in every single part of their lives, including everything from work to motherhood to emotional well-being and beyond!


5 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Build Your Self-Confidence

When it comes to building confidence, society offers us plenty of advice. 

Just be yourself”, “Fake it till you make it” or “Dress for success”.  

Tips fly at us from every direction from daytime chat shows to covers of magazines.

While in some circumstances, these tips can be helpful, we believe that to truly construct a solid foundation of self-confidence we need to dig a little deeper and start smaller with simple yet effective daily habits. 

And so, we have put together five top tips that can help you get started. 


How To Navigate Self-Care & Prioritise Yourself During Motherhood

Self-care is not “one-size-fits-all” and can often mean something different to each person, however, we have put together a small list of areas to consider when assembling your Mum Self-care Toolkit.

How to Winter-Proof Your Immune System Naturally

We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to our immune system. 

It exists to protect our bodies from infection and is our first line of defence when it comes to fighting off harmful pollutants and viruses which are rampant at this time of year! 

Knowing how hard-working and vital our immune system is to our overall health, it is important that we treat it like the precious commodity it is.

So, we’ve put together some tips on how you can help boost your immune system naturally throughout these colder winter months.


The Vitropics Guide To Setting New Year Resolutions That Will Stick

For many of us, a new year is a fresh start, a do-over of sorts, that motivates us to try something new or to recommit to tasks we may have put on hold throughout the previous year. When we talk about the new year, one word often comes to mind; resolutions.

At Vitropics we believe that when established properly, resolutions can be good, productive ways to set goals and intentions for the new year. If you want to set yourself up for the best chance of achieving your 2020 goals, we’ve put together a simple guide of our top tips to get you started!


10 Health And Wellness Gifts That Everyone On Your Christmas List Will Appreciate!

Sometimes even the jolliest of us can feel run down and a little burned out during this busy, “all-go”, festive season.

Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one this Christmas, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite health and wellness gifts that will encourage a little me-time and TLC coming into the New Year.


5 self-care ideas to improve your period

Self-care is important all month long but it is often most impactful during your period when your mind and body can need it the most. 

There are so many self-care tips out there but we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourites that can help improve your period.