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Coffee and hormones: Here's how coffee really affects your health.

Before you say yes to your usual Venti, extra shot Cappuccino with cream and caramel swirls, you might want to have a read of this first! 

Maybe your coffee habit is doing you more harm than good?
Did you know that your daily coffee fix flushes magnesium and other nutrients and minerals that are vital for happy hormones, such as B vitamins and Magnesium from your system?
Magnesium is important for keeping your ovaries happy and it is often lacking in women with PCOS. Magnesium has been associated with easing headaches, sugar cravings, low blood sugar and dizziness associated with PMS.
The acidity of coffee causes an imbalance in your gut flora and makes it harder for you to absorb the goodness of even the healthiest of diets. This makes it harder for your endocrine system to do it’s job of balancing your hormones.
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Time to give it the flick?
Eliminating coffee and making sure you're taking in the correct nutrients in your diet is the best way to biohack your way to more energy. Especially when you factor in all the research that shows caffeine’s specific impact on women’s health, we must be gender specific in our quest to biohack our energy!
Taking supplements is key when recovering from caffeine exposure –Triumph contains all the correct types and levels of nutrients you need to replenish your daily requirements and it contains the all important B Vitamins and Magnesium, essential for female health. 
If you want to boost your energy by supporting your blood sugar and your adrenals, to give you sustained energy all throughout the day, it might be time to give Triumph Monthly Cycle Supplement a go. After all, it has been created by women - for women!

As your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and insulin fluctuate throughout the month, Triumph's vitamin, mineral, botanical and amino acid formulations change in sync with your cycle, just when you need it most.
For example, men are not designed to hold nutrients for as long as women are. Women are brilliantly designed to conserve as much energy from whatever we’re taking in so we can grown other tiny humans in our uterus. Whether you are actively doing this or not, your body simply retains fluids for much longer and we metabolise the chemicals contained much more slowly. Whereas liquids process through the male body at a rapid rate – men drink and urinate out both alcohol and caffeine fast and avoid much of the negative physical impact as a result. 
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As a result, biohacking must be different for men and women as we have two totally distinct systems.  If you do choose to consume coffee, and you have the genes to metabolise it, then absolutely add healthy fats to the coffee – especially the coconut oil – to help your blood sugar cope with the caffeine.
For us ladies, the caffeine depletes your key hormone balancing micronutrients, spiking your cortisol and insulin and disrupting your endocrine function.  You may also have a slightly fatty liver as a result of your hormonal issues, and you may have a hard time digesting not only the dairy, but also breaking down all of that fat and caffeine. 

Time to make the swap today, get Triumph auto delivered for your cycle for less than €1.00 per day - that's way cheaper than that take away coffee and the benefits far outweigh the quick fix caffeine hit with daily support for hormonal activity, immunity, sustained energy, hair, skin and nails, cognitive function, heart and thyroid health. 
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