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triumph monthly cycle supplement

What is triumph?
Triumph Monthly Cycle supplement contains clinically researched natural key herbs, vitamins and minerals for optimum menstrual and hormonal health. 
  • Drug-free natural cycle symptom relief from PMS, cramping, fatigue, cravings, bloating. 
  • Includes key herbs, vitamins and minerals for optimum female health. 
  • Also supports immunity, hair, skin, nails, brain, heart and nervous system. 
Three menstrual blends are included in therapeutic dosages designed to work in synergy with each phase of the menstrual cycle. Each blend contains key herbs, vitamins and minerals that target cycle symptoms, boost energy and well-being throughout the month.  High-potency herbal and nutritional relief for menstrual cycle symptoms in sachet and tablet for fast absorption.  
  • 30 tablets per pack
  • 30 sachets per pack
Backed by research. We combined decades of clinical research to create our easy anti-symptom full menstrual cycle solution. We consider randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials to be the triumph standard. See the science What's in Triumph?

What's inside the box? 

Triumph monthly cycle supplement is a monthly programme containing 30 sachets and 30 tablets.
Days 1 – 5 Tablets numbered one to five. Pink sachets - fruit punch flavour 
Days 6 – 15 Tablets numbered six to fifteen. Blue sachets – blueberry flavour
Days 16 – 30 Tablets numbered sixteen to thirty. Yellow sachets – orange flavour

How do I take triumph?

All sachets are colour-coded and all tablets are numbered. On day 1 of your cycle, start with tablet number 1 and a pink sachet. Mix sachet with 150ml- 500ml of water and take after a meal. Start a new programme at the beginning of your cycle and repeat each month. If you do not get a flow, you can still use this product. If your cycle is considerably shorter or longer than the average cycle, please see our FAQ section.
Triumph Sachet Serving Size 1 sachet daily (12.5 g). Number of servings: 30 per box. Triumph Tablet Serving Size 1 tablet daily (3 tablet types distinguished as day 1 to 5, day 6 to 15 and day 16 to 30). Number of servings: 30 per box.
For women from age 12+.
Benefits  Triumph is a symptom‑focused supplement designed to support you during your cycle. It provides vital nutrients for:
  • Cycle Symptom support 
  • Hormonal balance
  • Energy
  • Hair, skin & nails
  • Immune system
  • Cognitive function
  • Nervous system
  • Heart health
Why are there three blends? 
Triumph is designed to support your body along each phase of your menstrual cycle. The nutritional needs of a woman change during each menstrual phase. Each triumph Phaseblend contains tailored levels of nutrients to support these changes, giving your body what it needs, when it needs it most!