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Real Women Real Triumph - Diana


My name is Diana Majcher, I am originally from Poland but I’m living in Ireland for the last 14 years. I have a three-year-old boy and I’m a Makeup Artist.


How did you feel before you started using Triumph?

Before I started the supplements, I felt like not myself and the reason why I started them is because I was suffering with the lack of energy. There were also problems with my periods. I was getting menstrual migraines which they were, actually very, very difficult. They were making me feel really bad and really sick. So that was the reason why I wanted to try the supplements.


Did you ever feel confused or overwhelmed about what to buy in the health store or pharmacy?

So usually, when I was trying to get the right supplements I was standing at the counter and actually Googling and just trying to find, you know, the right things for myself. So, I was thinking vitamin D I need, maybe and I had a lack of iron, maybe something else. It was always like a battle. Eventually, I was coming back home with like 5 different jars of different supplements and taking them made me feel sick. 

It was overwhelming because we have access to so much information in the 21st Century and I always felt like I’m not getting the right things for myself. So, the reason why I started Triumph is because it makes me feel like I need different supplements, different blends, for different times of the month and that was something that I was looking for and didn't realise the outcome would be as fantastic as it is right now!


Why did you start taking Triumph and what happened that day when you found out about Triumph?

So, that was July 2019. I came to the chemist for a completely different product that I was looking for. In my local chemist, I know exactly where everything is and I saw the lovely packages of the supplements and I asked the person that works there “What is that and can she explain to me more about it?”

She said it is a very new brand and they are introducing new supplements for women and for every time of the month. Then I asked a question because she knows I suffer with migraines, and I asked “Do you think that's going to help me with them?” she said, “I don't know, it's all-natural but if you want, you can try.”


I left the shop with my mind like ‘Ooh this is very interesting.’ I'm not a person to go straight to buy a product, First I have to do a little research about it. At that time there was not so much information just because it was new. 


I think one blogger wrote that she had felt really good at the end of the month. So, I was like ‘Ok, so if in 28 days she could feel different, I have to try it.’ So, I bought the pack of Triumph. Then I started on my first day and that's how everything happened and everything changed!


Who recommended Triumph to you?

The recommendation of that product was from one of the workers which were working in my local chemist, she was explaining to me all about the product, about the blends and all the goodness I can get out of that.


What benefits did you notice as soon as you started taking it?

The first thing that I noticed was that my cycle and how I feel changed. The weird part, I got a migraine in the middle of my cycle, which is something different. So that made me think ‘Ok, it’s day 14 and the migraine is today so that means my hormones are changing, they’re kind of balancing. I was keeping going because you have to take time, need time for everything to adjust. 

It was a massive blend of vitamins for my body. How I felt - I had to give it time but then things changed at the end of the month and that was the first time I didn't get a migraine, oh my God, I'm going to cry…

Ah, that’s ok, it’s made a big difference to your life?



What are the benefits you have noticed from triumph?

So, I have seen a massive difference since I started to use Triumph. Just because I have more energy first of all. And I feel like I want to even exercise and lose my baby weight which I still have.


I have so much more hair now. Last year, at that time I didn’t have so much hair. it was falling out from stress from the imbalance situation from my hormones and also from my post-traumatic stress disorder that I had after my labour. 


The supplement helped me with my mental health, I got stronger. My body got stronger, I felt more confident about myself and who I am. 

My skin changed so much because used to have massive blemishes. It all happened as well last year, I had really big problems with my skin. I had spots all over the place and actually, my skin was really really dry at the same time. I couldn't use so many products, I couldn't use makeup, it used to make me feel uncomfortable. As time has gone and the symptoms are mild. 


I’m taking the supplements since July. Actually, my body reminds me about them, so it's not like, you know, I forget one day, and I don't take it. It’s just like next day, you just wake up. Ok! I have to take them again; I have to take them again. It's a nice thing as it’s following my cycle, it knows which exact day I am. And I can control so many different things and sometimes I think this is the way I feel right now, and I can actually monitor my cycle even better.


How are your energy levels now? What does Triumph help you to do now?

Things changed with my daily routine. So, I feel like I go to sleep earlier than I used to go. Before I used to have problems with my sleep as well. Sometimes I feel like I wake up earlier, it depends obviously on the day and whatever we’re doing during the day, sometimes I say very late. When I take Triumph when I'm tired, I feel that energy growing.


I have, I would say, more patience with my baby, it’s weird, but I am happier, and I feel like he is happier and calmer as well so that’s how it helps me. 


Have you noticed improvements to your hair, skin and nails since starting?

I can see so many baby hairs. They're growing and they’re so thick, like at the same stage when I was pregnant with Patrick. I can see volume and it’s so shiny. People are constantly asking me “Did you dye your hair? What did you do to your hair?” Nothing, I’m not doing anything, I can definitely see improvements! 

The nails are way stronger, they are growing so fast.


How are your moods and do you feel more balanced with triumph?

Yes, I feel more balanced, I don't feel like I have any more PMS, no more cramps before my period. During my period I feel fine, absolutely fine, there's no need for any painkillers. I can do everything I want at any time of the month. I see a huge difference. Everything started after labour. As a new mom, we are going to a different level, you know, our body is changing, our mind is changing. If I knew about this product straight after my labour, I'll never stop taking them.


Has anyone else noticed a difference in you since you started taking Triumph?

The notice came from my family because of my headaches. One day my mum, she rang me, she was like “Diana is something strange? You didn't get a headache!” I said ‘Oh, I know!  That's how I feel right now, I didn’t get it! She was like ‘That’s a difference!’


It’s just because my mum is the closest to me and so she needed to help me with my baby when I would have the migraines. She was the one who was supporting me here and really watching me at the side and looking at any little steps that I was making. 


With my skin, my boyfriend - he noticed a difference, I know men notice a difference with the skin. It's brighter, it's fresh and I can go without makeup on the street right now and I will still feel ok with that.

How long have you been taking Triumph for?

So, I am taking that supplement for the last 6 months and honestly, I wouldn't change it for anything else. Because I'm getting all the best blends and all the best vitamins in the one product.  It makes me feel good about it because I can take my tablets and then I can have my sachet which is actually delicious! I swear to God! I just love the taste of them! Pink and the blue one, are my favourite ones!


What time of the day do you take Triumph and how does it fit into your routine?

It fits in my routine every morning. I always take vitamins after my breakfast. But I’ve tried to take them without any breakfast because I wanted to see how they worked, and everything was fine. But still, if I forget, and it happens, I know, because I'm so busy in the morning and I'll take that after work, in the afternoon, I try not to skip any of the tablets.


Do you find Triumph easy to take?

The product is so easy to use, it's a sachet and a tablet, so you mix the powder with water and you take the tablet and that's how it works. It's so easy.


Are you going to stay on Triumph Monthly Cycle Supplement?

Definitely, I am going to stay on Triumph. Just because I don't want to buy any more different supplements. Honestly, I don't feel like I trust any more brands right now. It’s just because I have tried many things in the past - the last two and a half years and they didn’t work so there's no way I'm going to change for anything else.


Would you recommend Triumph to a friend?

I'm always recommending that to my friends! Honestly, I'm working in an industry where I work with women and obviously, you know, through the conversation with, you know, girly talks and we go into about how we feel, about our hormones, about our lifestyle. I always talk about that product and I would always recommend for them to go to your website or email you if they have any other questions about how to take them or how to use them. I am always saying it's so good and to try them. Just give it a go for a month and see how you feel about it.