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Lisa Triumph Monthly Menstrual Cycle Reviews

Hi, Im Lisa I am a Mother from Dublin

How did you feel before you started on Triumph?

I had an awful lot of problems with periods every month. I have been on every kind of pill, every kind of bar, everyone and unfortunately, I just felt like crap all of the time. I would be a grade-A psychopath coming up to getting my period! My hormones would be up-down, up-down, up-down so not great will be the overall answer as to how I felt.


Before I started taking Triumph, I was quite sluggish at certain times of the month. I'd find motivation hard - to get out of bed, to go to the gym, just normal activities. Even meeting friends, I’d try and cut it off until I felt a little bit better. I’d always get spots around my chin around my period. Just overall, my well-being and energy was quite low the week before my period and during my period.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed about what to buy when you're choosing a supplement?

Yes I would buy every supplement is the problem and then I would have about 45 bottles in front of me in the morning trying to take each tablet from each one because I think something good would happen from it and then I will give up after a week because it was too difficult to take 45 tablets in the morning time. It would take like, 2 hours to take those little tablets so, very overwhelmed and a lack of understanding.


I had felt really overwhelmed. I would buy multiple products, trying to find what would work and what didn't work. To be honest, I’d buy so much and so many I'd end up giving up taking all those supplements because I didn't know what was best.


Why did you start taking Triumph Monthly cycle supplement?

I was at my wits end about what to do. I recently got the copper coil and my hormones and periods were out of sync constantly. So, I had seen them advertised and I was like “I'm going to give it one last shot and if this didn’t work, I was going to get the copper coil out and thankfully, it had worked.” 


Who recommended it to you?

A chemist recommended it to me. Because I spoke about my problems to them. I said I’d give it one last shot and I'm so glad I did. I’m delighted I did.

I had gone into my chemist and was talking to them about my problems with my periods and having irregular periods and they had recommended this product to me.

What benefits have you noticed since started taking the product and is it cheaper?

It's 100% cheaper than buying 45 different bottles of supplements and trying to take them all. My energy is a lot more consistent throughout the month. I’d really feel a slump in the week or 2 weeks before my period. My cravings for food have changed an awful lot. I would try and eat rings around myself the week before my period, that's a lot more levelled off. My hormones and my cycle levels are a lot more stable throughout the month and just overall well-being, I feel a lot more myself.


How are your energy levels now Lisa?

My energy levels are so much better since taking the product. The week before I would have my period and into the week of my period, I would think of every excuse under the sun not to go for a run, not to go to the gym, I’d feel sluggish getting up in the morning and now I feel I’ve a lot more energy throughout the day.


How are your moods? Do you feel more balanced?

I feel a lot more balanced now mood-wise. I really would feel a big effect for at least 7 days before my period. I would be an antichrist to live with. Now I’m a lot more normal and balanced throughout the month mood-wise. My moods are a lot better. I'd be so cranky and moody and fighting with everybody the week before my period. I'm a lot more balanced now, a lot less arguments over little things. A lot of the time I don't even know the week before my period whereas before I could tell you for sure because I’d be eating rings around myself and fighting with everybody. I'm perfect now!!!


Has Triumph made you feel happier?

I feel a lot more happy after taking Triumph. I've taken it since August last year and I just feel so much more myself and happy within myself because there are not big bounces up and down in mood and appetite and everything that goes with it.


Has anyone else noticed a difference in you?

Where to start?! Yes, so, my mum would be the person that probably most notices the difference in me. Previously, I was living with her so she would definitely see the ups and downs of my moods and she said I'm a lot more balanced, a lot more easy to live with. And, just, I’m so much more balanced throughout the month. There's no big leaps and bounds into my mood or if I’m going to be crying one day and happy the next day or within 10 minutes of each other either!


When did you start taking Triumph?

I started Triumph in August 2019.


What time of the day do you take Triumph?

Every morning when I get up! I have Triumph sitting beside my kettle. So, I stick on the kettle, I take my Triumph and I start my day.


Do you find Triumph easy to take?

I find Triumph so easy to take, it’s 1 sachet and 1 tablet and I'm done!


Will you continue to take Triumph monthly cycle supplement?

I will 100% be continuing to take Triumph, forevermore!


Would you recommend Triumph to your friends? 

I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I have recommended it to many friends already and my sister, who has also started taking it.


Have you noticed improvements in your hair, skin and nails since you started to take Triumph?

I have definitely noticed a big difference in my skin since starting to take Triumph. Around my jawline when I'm hormonal would always come out with spots every month multiple times because I used to get multiple periods in a month. Now I don't get any spots around my period.


Tell us more about your multiple periods and spotting Lisa...

So before taking Triumph, I would have multiple periods in a month. It could be a case that what I would call my real period would be up to 12 days and then I’d have another at least 5 days in the month where I’d either have a period or spotting or that could be multiple times in the month as well. 

There was no consistency in my periods, it affects me because you don't know when you're going to have a period, just little things, that even wearing white trousers, you can’t wear white trousers because ‘Will I get a period or not get a period?’ So now I know I have a 7-day period and it's not even that heavy. Before it used to be really, really heavy. The spotting was ok because it wasn’t as bad. But now I just have what I would call a normal woman’s cycle.


Before taking this supplement, I would get periods I would say probably at least 20 days out of the full month. I would either have spotting or I what I would determine my actual period, my actual period was probably 10 to 12 days of the month and then I’d have spotting, could be between 5 to 10 days, definitely, for the mid-way of my period I would have 5 days and coming up to my period I could have another 3 or 4 days. Since taking the supplement I have one 7-day period.


No dramas, I know when I'm going to get it. If there is going to be any kind of hormonal change, I know it’s coming up to my period. I rarely get any kind of change in my hormones. 

My period is a lot lighter, I used to have really, really heavy periods. It’s way lighter now but I think in turn that’s given me so much more energy along with taking the supplement.


What benefits do you feel throughout the day?

So, since I started taking the supplement, I really feel, I always love to do six thousand things every single day. I’d have no energy and I’d just want to go home and go to bed before I started taking the supplement. Now I have all the energy! I'm back in the gym all the time. I’ve started doing Pilates, I'm back running, and I just really overall, feel myself!