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Real Women Real Triumph - Niamh Barry

 Triumph Monthly Cycle Supplement Review

Hi, I’m Niamh, a mum of 2 and an Entrepreneur.


How did you feel before you started using Triumph?

I'm just going to be honest PMS was real. It was for real! I just never had any energy, I’ve two children, I run my own business, there weren’t enough hours in the day. Just constantly exhausted all the time!


Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused in the supplement aisle?

When you go into some of the big chains, there’s literally aisles of vitamins. You’d literally go broke if you were taking everything you should take and buying everything you needed, I always tried to look for something that had, you know, Vitamins A, B, C etc. ticked off but I never really could find anything especially for women.


Why did you start taking Triumph?

I started taking Triumph because somebody recommended it to me. I was just feeling knackered, we were having a coffee and my friend just said to me “Give this a go, it's really, really good” and I suppose when you’re a mum, nothing is more valuable than being recommended it by another mum. I really trusted her, so I went and found it, took it and it's been amazing.


How did you find out about Triumph?

It's like anything now. When you hear about something you kind of want to do a bit of research about it first online. The Instagram page is amazing. It’s really vibrant and what I loved about it -it’s really feminine and it’s celebrating femininity. Which I think it really appealed to me, I have to say. As a woman, we’re epic, just epic. We do everything for everybody, and you wouldn't have it any other way but really when it comes down to it we always put ourselves last and that’s just the reality of it and as a result, you’re just knackered all the time. To have something that's designed by women for women, and they’re Irish women - I just totally, instantly connected with it.


What benefits have you noticed since you started taking Triumph and is it cheaper than buying everything individually?

It tastes really nice, I have it as my routine every morning. To know that everything is in one sachet is brilliant. You're not going to 5 different bottles. Job done!

Apart from the energy, the first thing I noticed was my hair, I love my hair! I'm very vain and when I noticed the bounce and the shine, I was like ‘I’m in, totally in!”


How are your energy levels now?

Everybody's day is long, every Mother's Day is long. It's even longer when you work for yourself as well because there is no off time. There is not 9 to 5, you don't go in the morning and leave at night. You are literally lying in bed writing emails which are very energy zapping and to have something that gives you the extra bounce throughout the day and it's not just for a short time in the morning, it actually is all day. You sleep better, you wake up feeling better, it’s just been a game-changer.


Have you noticed improvements to your hair, skin and nails since starting to take Triumph?

I think as women we all like to feel good. You could be getting every hair treatment or skin treatment in the world but really, when you're taking something that really does benefit your hair and skin, you'll see it. All of a sudden, you're looking, and you think ‘Oh actually I don’t look that bad!’ Do you know what I mean?!

How are your moods? Do you feel more balanced now that you're on Triumph?

My husband definitely has told me that my PMS is better! I probably would have been one of those women that if someone said to me “Are you premenstrual?” I’d want to kill you! So realistically that has just totally abated. I don't even know I'm getting my period now which is lovely because it's just a tough few days and life is tough, being a mum is tough, and all of a sudden those two or three days happen before you get your period and it's just that bit worse and that hasn't happened which is brilliant.


Has anyone noticed a difference in you?

I think people, in general, have noticed a difference. I seem happier, perkier, more interested in things that maybe I wouldn't have to be interested in before. Quite a few people have commented on it, namely my mother, father and husband.


How long have you been taking Triumph for?

I've been taking Triumph for 3 months now. I thought it might take 3 months to get into my system but after a month I noticed the difference. Pretty much straight away! From an energy point of view, from a PMS point of view, from a hair point of view – very important! Pretty much across the board, and within a month which I thought was brilliant because, as a mother, we don’t have a huge amount of patience for things to work and to have it work so quickly was brilliant.


What time of the day do you take Triumph and what's your triumph routine?

I take Triumph first thing in the morning. So as soon as I go downstairs, before I start making lunches, breakfasts etc. I just pop it in a glass, I get the sachet out. It’s nice to have the different flavours and it's good to know that it is benefiting me at that particular time in my cycle. It's very empowering it really is. 


Do you find it easy to take?

I was always one of those people, whether it was a tablet or a lot of the time, a sachet, I’d start taking it and then stop because I just found that maybe I didn’t like the taste… But it’s a very pleasant taste so it's very easy to drink!


Will you continue to take Triumph?

I think if I stopped taking Triumph my husband would have to sit me down and have a proper chat because apart from anything else and I know it’s funny saying my husband notices a difference, but this has been a game-changer for me. It has genuinely helped me in an everyday sense, it’s not something you take, and it just works for a little while, it works throughout the month. I can't ever see myself stopping taking it, to be honest.


Would you recommend Triumph to a friend?

Obviously, I hang out with other mothers and I'm constantly telling them about it. When I first started, I told them “I'll tell you how I get on” and now, I’m three months in, they’ve noticed too. I just told them “This is it!” It's just one sachet a day and you'll just feel back to yourself, the exhausted feeling just lifts, which is just amazing!