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Real Women Real Triumph - Niamh Slevin

My name is Niamh, I am 27, I'm in college studying doing a degree in psychology. Just recently married and I have a 10-year-old daughter.


How did you feel before you started triumph?

I think before I started Triumph, I had really bad, really noticeable PMS, mood swings were all over the place. My energy levels were through the floor all the time. It was just that I had kind of gotten used to it, I thought this was just the way it was supposed to be, that this was just my lot. I just had it for as long as I can remember. I just thought that's the way I was set up - to have really bad mood swings and really low energy and I didn't think anything was going to change that. I tried things before, I tried supplements that were supposed to boost your energy and all these different things, nothing really lasted or if it did, it was only short-lived. 

It wasn't until I tried Triumph that I thought something is really going to work here! I don't think I could go back now. My mood has improved tenfold and my energy levels are so much better.


My husband had noticed almost straight away that my mood was so much better. He would definitely always notice before, towards the end of the cycle that my mood would be really bad, he'd know before I did. He's noticed it more so than anyone else I think because he's obviously spending time with me every day and can see how much it’s improved. I didn't realise how bad my energy levels and mood were until that was taken away. Everything just seems so much easier now, my whole life doesn't revolve around my cycle anymore, I can just forget about it most of the time.


Standing in a supplement aisle in a pharmacy or health store, have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused about what to buy?

Overwhelmed is probably an understatement! There are so many different people over the years have told me to try so many different things, they're all conflicting! I've tried things and they didn't work, or they did for a while and then they didn't any more or they give you a 20-minute energy boost and then it's over. The biggest problem was that I was buying 20 different things and it was costing a fortune. I didn't know what any of them actually did, I was just going with what Google told me to try, what friends have told me to try and I didn't know much about it. 


There was just too much information, I was oversaturated with information about what there is out there. I didn’t know what any of it was so, I just gave up on trying anything then because It's just not sustainable to take that many different products at once and to maintain that financial burden of trying to. You’re looking at hundreds of euros a month if you’re to take everything everyone suggested to take.


Why did you start taking triumph?

I think the convenience of it was the main thing for me, it took the brain work out of it. There was no trying to write a chart of what I had to take every day and for different stages of my cycle or trying to maintain all of that in my head. It was just too much. I think the main draw for me is that it was all just labelled day by day, there was no trying to figure out what was what and when to take it or how to take it. You just take your sachet and that tablet; the day is on it and it's done. You don't have to think about it then for the rest of the day when you're busy with everything else. It's just what you need, something you can just pop in your bag or look at it in the morning when you're having your coffee, it’s there and it's done.


How did you come across Triumph, was it in-store or online?

I actually came across it on Instagram and it caught my eye. I went online to the website and had a look and read through all. The website was really well laid out, easy to figure out what was in everything and explained everything really well. So, it made it a really easy buy for me because I could see in front of me in black and white what everything has and how simple it was.


What benefits have you noticed since starting Triumph?

I think the biggest noticeable difference that I've had has definitely been my mood and energy levels, they’ve improved tenfold, they're not even an issue anymore. I noticed that straight away a couple of days after starting Triumph I found my energy levels straight away, where you know, I was able to keep and maintain energy throughout the day rather than just having a burst of energy in the morning and then it’s gone for the rest of the day. It was sustainable.


I think my moods for sure are a million times better. I don't have the serious highs and lows or mood swings as I used to. PMS just is almost non-existent now. They're huge for me, it's been kind of life-changing for me because before, it was impacting my life to a big extent, the mood swings and energy levels. I couldn’t do anything. I'd no motivation. College was impossible. Being a mother is really hard anyway and when you have low energy and your mood is low. It’s impossible, so being able to kind of have that sustained energy all day and you know, have a level mood. It's just you can't put a price on that, it's really just been a huge help.


Have you noticed improvements in your hair, skin and nails since you started Triumph?

Definitely, with my hair and nails, my skin is a bit more problematic. I've had acne and have had it for a long time, but it is getting better, slowly but surely. But my hair is growing quicker than I can keep up with it! My nails are stronger as well, I used to have really brittle nails, I just couldn’t do anything with them. I'm able to grow them out now and do things with them, so it was nice for my wedding to have nice long nails for the first time in about 10 years!


How are your moods and do you feel more balanced?

I think Balance is the keyword. There are no drastic shifts in mood or energy levels at any point throughout my cycle now. It’s just level all the way through. You have your normal stressful days or tiresome days, but I think balance is the keyword, for sure. Obviously, nobody is super excited and full of energy all day, every day but it's normal levels of everything now. It's definitely just more balanced, more sustainable, just normal. I kind of feel I’m back to normal, back the way I was before I had my daughter, so, which is amazing.


Has anyone else noticed a difference in you?

Yes, my husband has noticed a big difference, he tells me all the time! So, I think he probably noticed the difference before I did. He kind of asked, “What's different?” “Are you not due your period soon?” and I’d say, “Yeah I am”. He said “Usually, you're in really bad form for like 2 weeks beforehand” and that now hasn't been a problem so, definitely he has noticed. My daughter has noticed, my friends have noticed that I'm just lighter, I think I just feel better, in general. I know people have said that I look better, I look healthier, I don't feel as dull or sluggish or lethargic anymore, that energy has just definitely made a difference to every part of my life now. Definitely people are noticing for sure.


How long have you been taking it, and will you continue to take Triumph?

I've been taking it for 4 months now and definitely, I wouldn’t go back to not taking it. The difference was noticeable straight away it didn't take months to kick in. Within a couple of days, I noticed a difference. I don't think I could ever go back now to feeling the way I did before. I didn't know it was supposed to be different, I thought that the mood swings and the low energy and all that was normal and that I had to just accept that. It wasn't until I started taking Triumph and those symptoms went away that I was able to think  “Oh wow, ok, it's possible to feel like this all the time” and what I was feeling before wasn't normal and I wasn't ok. Now that I know that, I can't un-know that, I can't go back to feeling the way I did before and not having that energy and having those really bad mood swings all of the time, so it's great, I don’t think I'll ever go back.


Niamh, what's your routine for taking Triumph and what time of the day do you take it?

First thing in the morning if I'm in college I'll just pop it in my bag, I just take the sachet with me in my bag and it’s just easier, I’ll take it on the run then. If I'm at home, it’s just while I’m making my coffee in the morning, I throw it together and it's done in a couple of minutes and I can forget about it, then it's done for the day. It’s nice because it tastes nice as well. It's not like other supplements you take and you're dreading taking it or you have to take it with something else because the taste is horrible. The taste is nice, actually kind of something I really look forward so it's a nice part of the morning routine.


Do you find it easy to take?

Definitely easy to take, because it's sweeter, the flavours are nice and it's not the same flavour all month. There are three different flavours, it's easy. It's not something I dread taking, it doesn't taste bad, it's not a weird texture it's not a giant pill. It's easy, convenient, yeah, it's nice!


Will you continue to take Triumph?

Definitely, definitely! Never going back to not taking it again, it’s probably the best thing I've come across and a long time. It's changed my life and that's not being extreme, that’s not being dramatic, it really has. That energy and the maintained moods, all of that. It just filters into every other part of my life and it's just made everything easier, made being a mother easier, being a wife easier, managing a house easier, being in college easier, I couldn't go back.


Would you recommend Triumph to a friend?

Definitely, and I have been. Anybody who will listen! I think everybody should take it. I don't think there's anybody who doesn't need it. I don't think there's anybody who it couldn't help them in some way, one way or the other. I don't think there's anybody that doesn't need an energy boost, who doesn't need a little help with PMS, you know everybody could benefit from it, I think everybody should.